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The Web for Small Company – Tool or Distraction?

The web (particularly the internet) is part of our lives. Yet, it had not been that sometime ago hardly anybody was online. Very quickly we’ve be a nation of web lovers. Like a success coach and consultant, I search on the internet daily. I send emails, direct individuals to my websites, etc. You will find many smaller businesses which do[Read More…]

by May 15, 2014 Comments are Disabled Intenet Marketing

Top Projects for Techies Looking to Pass the Time When Stuck

If you should find yourself bed-bound or injured, then you may well find that you quickly get bored without being able to get outside and do the things you might normally. That’s true for most people at least, but if you’re a techie, then there are countless things you can try your hand at that will keep you busy. ‘Techies’[Read More…]

by March 26, 2014 Comments are Disabled Techniques