You need to be able to spot a suspicious email if it appears in your inbox because this is going to help you to keep your computer and your personal details safe from harm. Work computers need to be protected from these emails because there may be a large amount of sensitive data on the company computer network about employees and clients.

In order to make sure that you can prevent any problems, read up on how to spot a phishing email and then install some anti-spam software onto your computer. This two-step approach is going to keep you safe.

What are the warning signs that you have received a phishing email in your inbox?

The Subject Line Barely Makes Sense

You should read the subject line of any email carefully. One tell-tale sign that you have received a spam email is if the subject line barely makes sense. You should not open the email if this is the case. Installing software will take this problem away from you.

You Are Asked For Money

Many spam emails do not have sophisticated techniques. Instead, you might notice that you are being asked to send a certain amount of money to an account that you do not recognise. This should raise alarm bells in your mind and you should delete the email before blocking the email address of the sender.

You See That There Are Lots Of Emoticons And Exclamation Marks

Your suspicions should be raised if there are several emoticons and a lot of exclamation marks from someone who you don’t know intimately. This is a sure sign that you have received a spam email that needs to be deleted as soon as possible.

There Are Lots Of Links

Emails that contain a lot of hyperlinks should be avoided. These links could contain viruses so they should not be clicked at all. The email can be consigned to the spam folder where it belongs.

The Email Has Been Sent To A Long List Of Addresses

Some spam emails still contain the email addresses that this has been sent to. This is a sign that the same email has been sent to thousands of people in the hope that one person is going to click a hyperlink.

How To Combat Spam

You do not need to individually screen every email that you receive because this could potentially be very time-consuming and distracting. Instead, all you need is some software that will do this automatically for you in a split-second. You will never have to worry about another spam email in your inbox ever again.

Overall Conclusion

You will be able to spot a few tell-tale signs that you have received a spam email. To make your inbox even safer, you can install software that will weed out spam but you always need to be extremely vigilant.

When you are about to open your emails, you should study the subject line and the address intently.

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