As most people know, Facebook is an extremely popular social network with millions of users. They chat and exchange data, update their statuses, or post some videos and photos. In short, it is a huge database that keeps your secrets and confidential information. What is more important, we use social networks for work as well. So, it is not surprising that someone may want to steal your private information kept in Facebook. Numerous innovative spy applications like the one at can help people get access to your data quickly and easily. So, there are many answers to the question of how to hack someone’s Facebook account. We will describe some of them below.

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook: Common Methods

It is not enough to think up a difficult password saving your account from plotters and spies. Someone may get necessary information from your page without even touching your phone. If you want to feel safe and protect your data and account, learn the most common methods of hacking and monitoring the Internet activity. It will open your eyes to many nuances and help to take some proper measures for protecting your account.

  • The first and relatively easy method of getting access to private information is resetting a password. The main advantage of this method is that you don’t have to do much technical work. All you need to do is to insert the username in a login box and click on “forgot my password,” then denote that you don’t have access to your email now and create another address to let Facebook send a confirmation to you. You also need to answer a special question, but if you know a person who you want to hack, it will not take much time to learn the code.
  • One can also use a password extractor. The principle of its operation is quite simple. Any browser has an option remembering passwords and usernames of all your accounts. So, if someone extracts them from your computer, he or she will get absolute access to all information. There are many special tools allowing getting this info quickly.
  • A monitoring application is another great way to spy on someone’s Internet activity. Moreover, this app also has such functions as GPS tracking and recording conversations. Therefore, you need to realize that not only your page is in danger but also everything that you say and write on your phone.

Preventive Measures

Given the existence of many elaborate means of stealing personal information, you probably want to know how to save your personal data from being stolen. This is what you can do to avoid this situation:

  • When you add someone on Facebook, first scrutinize his or her page thoroughly. Sometimes, such fake friends can pose a threat to your data. They may send you a message with a link, and once you click it, they obtain your password.
  • Go to security settings and make sure your account is protected to the maximum.
  • Don’t leave your phone unkempt and always use a password.
  • Change passwords regularly and make sure they are long and difficult.

Follow these recommendations, and your precious private information will be safe. Just to be on the safe side, try to keep the data in reliable databases in case your Facebook account is hacked.

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