The web applications are very dynamic which are combined using the programming which helping functioning. It can be used for online banking and other ecommerce applications, gaming etc. Learn more about the enterprise web application development services from VelveTech.

Two categories are used

There are many technologies which are used and the main two categories of coding and programming are Client Scripting or coding. This will be the code which is executed by the browsers. This will be viewable for any visitor or the site. The common scripts are HTML, CSS, javascript, Ajax, jQuery, MooTools and Dojo Toolkit. The second type of coding is Server coding which is executed by the web servers. This coding or scripting cannot be seen by any visitors and other public. The common coding is PHP, Zend Framework, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python. The program libraries are also used functions, classes which are used for providing the maintenance and development which will allow the developers to add and edit the functions and the modular applications. The web application framework is another set of programs and tools which are in the system which allows the developers in building and maintaining the application using best approach.  These application frameworks are specially designed by programming as well as promoting the code by setting the structure or documentation.

The benefits of web applications

The actions of the program and the logic will be separated from HTML,CSS and other designs. This will make the work of the designers easy and helps them in editing the interface and without the help of the programmer. The modules and other tools builds are based which will allow in sharing the functions and features. The structure will help in best coding with logic and standards. This will provide the other developers in becoming familiar with those codes. There are set of rules for the coding and the standards are used while programming the applications. The rules will be applicable for the coding, file names , for formatting and other functioning.

Benefits of using coding guidelines and lifecycle model

When coding guidelines are used, it helps in creating the best work for many programmers who work on the same project. It will be easy to maintain and manage. The coding guidelines will help in delivering the best readable and understanding code source. These guidelines can also insure that the developers will understand and also be familiar with those codes. The enterprise web application development services from VelveTech  works on application life cycle is a process which has development of the web application and many teams are involved in the process. Few use SDLC and ASDM. While SDLC is the traditional way of developing the software which will have research included in identifying and defining the application. It also has analysis, designing, team involvement, testing and fixing of bugs, testing the system and maintenance. Agile software is used in development process and also other practices. It also includes analysis, designing, testing and maintenance.

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