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There are many passionate writers out there trying to land a job. You may not want to work directly under a content writing agency due to various reasons of your own. You may not have succeeded in finding the job of your choice as you did not find one that aligns with your requirements and expectations. Yes, we all look for the right fit. Here is a list of five best job sites for all kinds of writers.

  1. Freelance writing job sites

Register with one or more freelance writing job sites that offer content writing services and you can be assured that you find some writing work or the other. The difficulty lies in deciding which freelance content writing agency to register with. Contentmart is one of the top freelance writing websites that can provide you with numerous writing opportunities. You can choose to work on articles depending on your niche. Be it whether you are a technical writer, creative writer, or a fashion copywriter, you will be able to make some extra cash on the go at ease.

  1. Blogging Job Boards

There are numerous websites out there that provide job boards which can be helpful for those people looking to find a writing job. Instead of approaching a content writing agency where you avail content writing services, you can opt to try out the websites that offer opportunities to help you get on board quickly. Some of the popular digital and blogging job boards are Problogger, Writers in Charge, and Blogging Pro.

  1. Job sites focused on Journalism

Seeking to write journalistic content? EByline and Journalism Jobs are two premier job sites that you can land a job at if you are passionate on writing journalistic content. Most of the job boards will however require that you either currently work for a newspaper or magazine, or have had similar experience in the past.

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  1. Job sites for Technical writers

Don’t want to be crowded on a platform with business writers and fashion copywriters? There are websites dedicated solely to offering jobs for technical writers. One such website is Dice. Though most jobs offered on Dice are not specific to writing alone, you can find that there are well-paying job listings for technical writers on their site.

  1. Full-time media related writing jobs

Are you interested in generating media related content? Not satisfied with just doing freelance writing jobs? If so, you may find it useful to check out Mediabistro.  For those who are looking to offer content writing services on a temporary basis, like an internship, this is the right platform. This website will surely not leave you disappointed as it posts numerous job listings on a daily basis.

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