A mobile phone that is not working can be really annoying. If your phone is not charging, don’t conclude that your phone charger is not working or that the battery has a problem. The problem can be much simpler. There can be several other reasons for this.

If the Galaxy S3 battery doesn’t charge, you should first know the reasons. Do you want to know the reasons and the ways to fix them?

Minor issues that can be corrected by simple DIY solutions

  1. No contact between charger and USB port – This is one of the most common reasons. When the metallic surface inside the USB port and the USB charger don’t make contact your phone will not charge.

How to solve this problem? All you have to do is to remove the battery and reinsert it after levering up the USB port a little.

  1. Choked charging ports – Most people keep their phone in their jeans or shirt pocket. The dust in the pockets may choke the ports.

Blow air from a compressed can to get rid of the dust blocked.

  1. Do you feel that your phone is charging very slowly? If so, you should try this simple remedy. Switch your phone off or change to airplane mode while charging. Imagine that your phone is taking much needed power nap.

If you are not able to set right the problem, you should do a few checks.

  1. Make sure that the charger is working. Try to charge the phone with another charger.
  2. Make sure that the electrical outlet is working. Switch over to another outlet and if your phone starts charging, then the problem is with the electrical outlet and not the charger or phone.
  3. Make sure that the USB port is not loose.
  4. Make sure that the cable is in good condition. If you use a different cable you will be able to know if there is any problem in the cable or not.
  5. If the port, cable and charger are fine, you should check if the battery is good. Remove the battery and wipe it with a dry cloth. Reinsert the battery and check again.

If your phone is not charging after making all checks, take it to your dealer for repair. It is better to go to an authorized Samsung repair shops.

Major problems that need immediate care

Is your battery not charging because of any liquid damage? If you have spilt water or coffee or any other liquid on your phone, it is difficult to assess the damage. If the issue is minor, removing the battery and drying it may help. If not, you may be in trouble. If any liquid spills on the phone and if you are doubtful that the liquid might have entered your battery, you should check it immediately because the damage caused by liquids is not covered in the warranty offered by the manufacturers. If you drop your phone in water, you should act immediately.

Take proper care of your Samsung Galaxy S3 to avoid charging problems and other repairs.


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