Below are list of the twenty traffic generation tip your site needs to start generating reasonable blog visitors.

  1. Attract search engine spiders

    Write good search engine optimizable content at your site. These don’t only send you targeted traffic, but it’s free. When search engines indexed your site, you will get tons of traffic too your site from places like google, yahoo and bing.

When linking to pages within your blog, use keyword to hyperlink to any page. This helps explain that page and this may make the page rank higher for that page.

  1. Submit your sites to search engines

    There are hundreds of search engines online, but majority of internet users’ use the three most popular search engines, which are google, yahoo and bing. Submit each page you publish to these search engines and once you appear among the top three, your site will definitely appear in other search engine. If creating a WordPress blog, you need to make sure that you are submitting the updated sitemap to search engines so thatt search engines can find and index the blog posts.
  2. Comment on related blogs

    Blogging is growing fast by the day and posting comments in blogs has turn out to be one of the free ways of sending people to your blog.

Though not every one will visit your blog if your comment is not informative. If your blog comment is nothing to show, no one will visit your site.

To make the most out of your blog comments, it’s important to comment in blogs related to the theme f your blog and be among to the first five people to comment.

  1. Guest post

    One way to build your credibility and gain tons of traffic is via writing and submitting a guest post. This happens when you write post to authority site in exchange for link back to your blog.

This makes the site owner get some breaks from writing, while still updating its site on a regular basis and the guest author enjoys the exposure.

Look for sites under your niche, contact them and start submitting your guest post.

  1. Utilize forums/message board

Look for forums under your niche, become a member and start posting. The great thing about forum is, you can create signature file and a link back to your blog will appear every time you make a post.

The key to becoming successful is when your forum post are informative, that people will click the link as they will tag you as an expert in that niche.

  1. Give away free report

    If you have some helpful information you want to give away, why not put it in an ebook format? You can create useful information imbedding links to your blog within the text.

When you have created a useful report with at least 10 long, you can give away for free with resale rights. When people sell your ebook, they make the money while you gain exposure.

Traffic generation is build over time, continues building of traffic helps you build credibility and visibility online.


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