Today’s men prefer sporting a trendy pair of jeans and a comfortable T-shirt more than traditional dressing any time of the week. The look is quite refreshing and soothing to eyes and cool to carry off if sorted properly keeping in mind the right combination and ways. A man values T-shirt more than any other clothing style as it’s easy to wear and easy to carry off. And with the choices of T-shirt comes the tantalizing choice of selecting V-neck or crew neck t-shirts. V-neck t-shirts have gained a lot of popularity and are being adorned more than ever now.

Why is a V-Neck T-shirt cooler?

In an aspect of t-shirts, a V-neck looks much more modern than a traditional crew neck. It comes in a specific design with a cut like a V at the neck region. It may not give you the ready to go sporty look like that of a classic T-shirt, but V-necks are much more elegant in look and feel and it provides a classy look which takes quite a lot of liking from the ladies as well!. The V-neck will add extra stylishness to the plane and bland otherwise T-shirt and can be adorned by men of all ages and looks equally good for all.

Apart from all the visual aesthetics, the V-neck helps you in accentuating your physical structure to great limits. It makes your neck and upper body portion look longer thus making the entire posture look more upright than it is and that’s a great feature undoubtedly. Moreover, a light cut at the top shows all the hard work you have been putting in the gym to build up your physique.

Best ways to wear V-necks

Avoid wearing V-neck T-shirts that have too deep a cut leading up to the sternum as it looks pretty distracting and unappealing. A little cut at the top or even a Henley cut is the perfect approach. You can wear this thirst with almost everything and anything for all occasions. It can be worn to office as well as parties. These V-neck look great when teamed with dark colored blazers or even single colored cardigans. They can also be clubbed with a sleek shirt on top of soothing colors. Somber and pastel colored V-necks add elegance to the style statements. Adding to all these, they can be easily worn with a pair of jeans or cargoes or even shorts. Bewakoof offers the best platform to Buy V neck t-shirts for men that are economically priced and is in accordance with the modern style and fashion. So tee up in V-neck to be a man of all seasons.

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