Have you ever been so bored while working or studying that you wish you could tape your eyelids to your eyebrows, just so that you do not fall asleep?  Yes, we all have braved through the dreadful hours where we just want to take a break and do something to just perk the day up. What could be more fun than just playing a game to refresh the mind when the day just begins to drag? But, here is the problem. As easy as it is to play a game most organizations keep games blocked on their systems to prevent their computer systems from being used for anything except work. And obviously you cannot even begin to search through the huge number of games that are available online just so you can “discover” which ones aren’t blocked on the system.

Do not worry. We have compiled a list of strategy games unblocked and we are pretty sure you will like them. You can go ahead and freshen up your mind on those long work days which just don’t seem to have an end.

Crush The Castle Adventures

This is one of the classic strategy games where you have to help a king get his queen. The game needs you to utilize a catapult as your weapon and cause maximum damage to odd looking castles, with minimum explosives. The game is updated regularly therefore you will not be stuck with the same old castles for long.

Earth Taken

If you love games there is a very small chance that you have not heard of this one. The sequel of Earth Taken is Earth Taken 2 and it begins from after the car crash after which the player loses everything. In Earth Taken 2 also, every things has just vanished from the face of the earth and it has nearly become inhabitable for humans.

Band of Heroes

This one comes with a very engaging storyline in addition to all the fun. The storyline has a character named “Josh” that happens to be lucky enough to discover treasures and artifacts. But he often has to deal with troubles as well. The game is addicting yet simple.

Moby 2

The game has the legendary white whale Moby Dick as the main focus. The game has the big white whale attack the boats which come in its path. The whale has to gain and collect perks throughout the game and get upgrades as well.

Kick the Critter

The name says it all. Mr. Critter needs to go behind the boat and the old man who left him when heavy rainfall ruined his very peaceful life. To reach to the boat, Mr. Critter needs to be kicked. Kicking him gets him to get the upgrades also.

These are some of the games that you can enjoy while working. But be sure that you do not get into trouble in your school or office because of this. We sure do not want that to happen!


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