Not a long time ago, parallax concept had become quite popular among the web designers. It was lovely to see how different elements scrolled at different speeds and sometimes overlapped each other. In fact, it was quite a bit of fun to see the element stylishly emerging from behind the other element. But there was one big problem – it was not quite user friendly and did not provide very great user experience. What irked the users more was the fact that it took a while to load the pages studded with parallax effects. That’s not something a web design of today asks for.

 Now there is a new web design trend that gives you some hints of parallax; but it is not really parallax. Of course there are the elements that move but it is not what you would call animation. It is indeed more user friendly than the original parallax effect. The new style uses lots of great looking colours and many impressive physical elements and makes sure that the user friendliness is not compromised.

 There are several moving elements that do a great job of keeping the users engaged. The scrolling actions are far better with this trend. Seems it is safe to say that this parallax with some tweaks and twists is not merely a fad.

 Check out the video for Parallax effect

  What makes it different?

 This effect with the twist is truly different from the original parallax like this website. One big reason is that it is way more seamless. The consistency was missing in the moving elements of the background with the older style. The new trend also activates the moving elements with the scroll, quite like parallax, but offers better user experience.

 The biggest difference is that there are no screens. It is the effect which uses the changing colours to create a dynamic and continuous flow. There are certain elements that do move while the screen is moving. On the other hand, some elements move in or out of the area of focus.

 The elements with this new effect move much more smoothly as compared to the traditional parallax. You also don’t get to see the interaction of the layers with each other. Everything is pretty seamless and subtle. The interaction of the layers with the old parallax caused the overlapping and sometimes it became quite confusing to the users.


 There are a few things that are common to all the new parallax effects. Here are some of them:

 One page design: The effect of the new technique enhances with the use of the single-page design. You may get to see some really long pages with these effects. What’s better is that it does not take too long to load.

 Bright colours: As compared to the regular websites, you will notice that the new parallax sites have brighter and more vibrant colours. Dull, muted, or neutral colours are hard to find with this web design.

 Dynamic content: The page content changes as you scroll. You might first be introduced to the header image that fades into the text body.

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