Picking the wrong search engine optimization (SEO) firm will waste company resources and can lead to search engines that penalize or even ban your website from their search results. When you are looking to hire an SEO agency Singapore do your due diligence. The following are some tips for helping you pick a reputable and competent SEO firm.


Check Results for SEO Company and its Clients

Look for the website of the SEO Company in search engine search results. Do they prominently appear? Check the search ranking for the site of the clients. Look for the service or product their customers offer. Ensure that site of the SEO Company and their clients’ rank well for more over one phrase. For instance, as search engine optimization concentrates on web coding and web copywriting, you are likely to check the search engine position of the company for such phrases. When the websites of both parties do not appear on the first or second page in natural search results page, avoid hiring them.


Copywriting is Key

When the provider of SEO service will be editing or writing your site copy, ensure you scrutinize their writing. Do they post unique articles and not copied from elsewhere over the web? When the sites are not posting their own writing, you will not want them to write content for your website.

Check if the writing style of the content posted on the website of the SEO company is consistent. You may find this hard to check; however, you need to do it. When poorly written articles are combed with n occasional copywriting gem and the company claims credit for the work, consider searching a unique phrase from the article. You are likely to know that your possible SEO Company did not originally wrote it.


Additionally, check if the text naturally flows or if the key phrases or keywords are forced together. Keep in mind that attracting great search results is just half of the battle. Achieving your objectives include having a site with well-written content in order to appeal to possible customers.

Search Engine Optimization Requires Attention to Details

In any aspect of internet marketing, there are many details to deal with and SEO is part of this. Make sure that the SEO firm you wish to hire manages the details on its website and the site of its clients. You can check this by their writing style. Is it sloppy or well-written?

SEO Portfolio

Search engine optimization results are unlikely to be posted on the website of an SEO agency; however, the company must offer a list of SEO references and clients. When they display a list of their SEO client, consider calling some of these. In case the company does not give you a list, consider hiring another.


Length of Business Operation

The SEO industry tends to attract people who want to get rick quickly. Aggressive SEO companies emerge on a regular basis using short-term techniques which can have negative repercussions in the long term. Overly aggressive techniques are capable of boosting results temporarily on your website before they backfire. Avoid hiring an SEO Company that is no well-established.

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