According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers complain about identity theft and data security more than anything else. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that in 2012 – just three years ago – 16 million people were victims of identity theft. The numbers are alarming, but they should be seen as the warning that they are. Everyone should consider using shredding services to protect sensitive information that may carelessly be disposed of on trash day.

Considering recent corporate data breaches that have exposed millions of consumer’s personal, confidential information, it isn’t difficult to understand the importance of protecting sensitive information in any way possible. Even armed with that information, the best practices are sometimes overlooked by many because we continue to trust that others are taking the necessary steps to properly dispose of or protect our own information. Though we may believe that technological security breaches are the main culprit of exposing sensitive information, dumpster diving is still the cause of many cases of identity theft. You should never be too busy to properly dispose of documents containing sensitive information, and the best way to protect yourself is to locate a reputable company that provides mobile shredding services to homeowners and businesses.

Once you’re ready to hire a shredding company, it’s something to consider seriously because you must be able to trust them to your confidential material. You must also know how they work and how dedicated they are to their process. Spend some time investigating the websites of the companies you are considering, to see if they are truly committed to providing green, secure mobile shredding services. While any company will have a list of their highlighted points on their homepage, dig a little deep and look to their blog. Like  you can see how they keep up with current advancements in document destruction, and you can discern their level of interest in their industry. So spend some time learning about their services and their blog to see which company is the best fit. You might learn something new while doing it.

Did you know that recycling paper has great environmental benefits? This might just be one of the facts that you pick up during your research. Everyone may know that recycling paper saves trees, but it also saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas, and keeps the wrong paper products out of our landfills. Reports show that dumping paper waste into landfills increases methane gas emissions which are destroying the ozone layer. Shredding it yourself is a noble gesture, but disposing of it improperly is contributing to harming our environment. Doing your part in curbing air pollution, saving trees and water, and saving space in landfills is beneficial to everyone, so hiring a mobile shredding company that recycles is imperative.

Without question, mobile shredders are effective in numerous ways. Keeping sensitive information out of the hands of someone who intends to use it maliciously isn’t the sole reason that you should consider leaving its disposal to the professionals. Protecting yourself from identity theft and data breaches can also help the environment.

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