For long JavaScript is the only choice of language for the web and has seen lots of advancements and enhancements in the language over the years. But things have changed, and what we’ve now in our hands is a much more sophisticated, event driven framework built using Google V8 JavaScript engine that is used to build scalable web applications.  Node.js has an in-built HTTP server, thus there is no need for an external server, thus allowing you to take complete control over the server. With the increase in popularity in node.js development, it also has become easy to find node.js developer to develop your website using node.js.

High Performance

Since Node.js uses the v8 engine, the compilation and execution of JavaScript is very quick because the v8 engine compiles JavaScript in native machine code. Another brilliant feature in Node.js is the event loop, which does all the input output operations in an asynchronous manner. It means that all database, file system operations common in web applications are executed faster than normal JavaScript based applications. Thus you can trust node.js to build large and scalable websites that can handle a large number of simultaneous connections.

New Technology

Mostly developers working in any company look forward to indulge themselves in learning and working with new technologies which allows to impart new ideas and innovate new things. Node.js has being a robust and new technology has attracted a lot of node.js developer coming into the fold.

Easy to Maintain

Traditionally web applications are developed as a large chunk of code and it is often difficult to add new requirements and functionalities later for the fear of breaking down the whole application. But Node.js is built in a way such that it can developed as a group of small applications rather than a whole large application. This enables node.js developer to add any functionalities to the web applications to just that small piece of code and not requiring to alter the entire code-base.


When Node.js was introduced in the development of some features in PayPal, one of the most popular payment gateway, it saw that the productivity was increased by two fold and only required 50% of developers required when compared with Java and also it was completed on time. This says the power of node.js and why it is being seen as a force to reckon with. One of the advantages of node.js is you don’t need a separate front end and backend team, but a single team than can handle everything, thus reducing team interaction time and increases the node.js developer productivity.

Bright Future

A lot of major corporates are exploring node.js to use this brilliant technology in their web applications. Some of them are Walmart, PayPal, Netflix, Yahoo etc. PayPal has already included node.js in some of its functionalities and looking to use it for the entire web application. As there is a lot happening in the node.js technology, there is a big increase in search for node.js developer.

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