Today, everything is getting smarter. This was started by smart phones and some devices have been made internet-enabled to boost their usability. From smart fridges to smart televisions, the smart revolution is upon consumers and the thermostat is next.

A lot of people make use of simple timers and thermostat for regulating their home’s thermostat. This seems to work fine; however, in this digital age, it is beginning to look a bit dated. Smart thermostat tends to change all these. They can be bought in the market now and can fully automate the way heating and electricity is used in homes. More efficient energy usage means using less electricity and gas resulting in lower bills. The information below helps you understand why programmable thermostats can help you save on your cooling and heating costs.

Setting Various Temperatures

A lot of programmable thermostats let you set different temperatures for various times of the day and weekend. Thus, you have the option turn the heating or cooling system back while you are away from home then ramp it back as you expect to reach your house. If you own a programmable thermostat that you cannot easily program, swap it out with a newer model that you can set to your likings quickly.

Setting your thermostat back one to two degrees can lead to 1%-3% energy savings and such little amounts will add up over time. This is especially possible if your home has heat or air conditioning running the majority of the day. While you are at work, have your thermostat set back 10-15 degrees for eight hours. This will let you save around 10% on your cooling and heating costs.

What to Look For

Programmable thermostats come in various kinds from basic ones to be used for heat to the ones capable of operating HVAC systems and humidity. Find programmable thermostats which enable you to program various set points at different times of the day and are built with various settings for weekends and weekdays. A number of programmable thermostats have various features including:

  • Touchpad screens
  • Digital backlit displays
  • Voice and phone programming
  • Indicators which tell if it is time to change air filters
  • Vacation setting
  • Alerts of malfunctioning cooling and heating systems
  • Smart recovery features which sense how much time needed to reach the next temperature set-point.


Thermostats that wirelessly communicate can be bought through energy management and home connectivity packages provided by huge service providers. A lot of subscribers to such services make use of their iPhones and other smart phones in operating their thermostats in a remote way.

Smarter Thermostats

Thermostats are no longer mundane devices. These days, you can find two-way communicating thermostats which are capable of learning your behaviors and automatically set schedules to help in saving money. Also, advanced thermostats that have proximity sensors are available which can activate a cooling or heating system if you are away from your home.

Some thermostats work with web-based software to sense the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC system and insulated envelope of your home. They also automatically make a lot of micro-adjustments to the temperature for money savings while keeping you comfortable. Read more to learn tips on saving energy and money.

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