Colocation hosting is an increasingly popular choice for hosting websites and applications for businesses today. However, many are still sceptical about its benefits and consider it equivalent to giving up control of their hardware, but this is not true. Let’s look at a few myths that have arisen along with the popularity of colocation.

It is just managed web hosting

Many seem to think that colocation is web hosting with a new spin. There are a few key differences here however:

  • With colocation, you own the server hardware, while with web hosting, you use the company’s hardware and share it with others
  • Colocation means that you own the server hardware and are not just renting it from the provider

Colocation gives you complete control over your hardware. In fact, your servers are located in separate compartments in order to keep two different servers as isolated as possible.

Colocation is expensive

It is true that colocation is more expensive then web hosting. However, it is not competing with web hosting at all. Instead, you need to compare it with the cost of hosting your own server and managing it. If you are using a web hosting service for your website and find it cheap enough, colocation is not for you.

Instead, you save money by:

  • Not having to have your own space for housing your servers
  • You do not need to spend man hours maintaining it
  • You do not need to build out your own data center
  • You do not need to hire additional staff just to manage your servers

Colocation is not secure

This is again a myth that many believe because of the fact that the server is located with a third party. It is important to stress that the server hardware is always your own. In fact, colocating your server in data centers is more secure in many ways because:

  • Colocation providers have active monitoring and surveillance to ensure your server is physically safe
  • Your servers are locked up in separate compartments and only you can access them with specific codes
  • They have intrusion detection systems that will report and deal with physical intrusions
  • Their specialized firewalls offer very good network security that would be very expensive for you to implement

Managing your own servers will simply add to your business expenses. Therefore, it makes more business sense to choose reliable providers like 7L Networks colocation services in order to ensure smooth business operations without any kind of network downtime.

Colocation is not reliable

This is again is a myth perpetrated by alternative service providers and it dwells on the fact that you cannot always be near your physical server. However, colocation providers have:

  • Multiple redundant power supply backups and UPS systems
  • Disaster management protocols for events like fires and floods
  • Temperature control, so your hardware has a stable environment to work in

If the above clarifications are not convincing enough to you, you can choose to host your server in your own facilities. However, it is important that you have all the facts in place before you make an important decision like server hosting.

Author’s Bio : Stephen Tomalin has written many articles explaining why it is a best choice to opt for colocation hosting services for business purposes. For more information about 7L Networks colocation services, please visit their website today.

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