If you are a GTA fan and waiting anxiously for the XBOX 1 and Next Generation version release you should prepare yourself for all the great new features that are coming along with it. This action crime saga is definitely a lot of fun to play and with the new features it will be even more fun.


RockStar has outdone themselves with this new GTA V version. You should expect to see better graphics and better resolution. This means you will be able to see better texture detail. This is great for those that like to look at background scenes. Watch the waves of ocean flapping away in the distance. You will also be able to see the exterior and interior of the skyscrapers a lot better. This will definitely be worth waiting for.

Draw Distance

Another great feature that everyone has been waiting for is the increase draw distance. You will be able to see the bystanders, police officers, and cars for longer distances and longer time frames. They will not drop out of sight as quick as before. This is an awesome feature that will add more fun and excitement to the game.


If you have been playing the old version of the GTA V you are well aware of how important the cheats are. Well, you are in luck, the GTA 5 cheats for XBOX One will be popping up all over the Internet. This means you will not have to search very hard for them.

Crowded Streets

You should expect to see denser traffic and more crowded streets. You will have cars, trucks, and buses coming at you from all directions. This will make driving feel like it is impossible, but in no time at all you will get the hang of it.


By now you are surely tired of looking at the same old vehicles every time you are playing GTA 5. Well, you are definitely in for a treat, because you will be introduced to a large array of different vehicle types.

First Person

With the new first person mode you will get to see the interior of the new vehicles. When you are playing the game in the first person mode you will feel you are in a first person shooter. You will be able to watch the bullets leave the barrel of the gun and hit your enemies.

Author Bio : Tom Tayler is an avid video game player and loves the GTA series. He cannot wait for the release of the upcoming 5 on PS4.

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