GPS is one of the most advanced technological improvements in the recent years. It is known as Global Position system that helps the user track the location. Due to its enormous advantages, this system has been adopted by almost all industry types. People even use this system for their personal use and the security of their family. A lot of features in this system makes it the first choice of people who are moving alone or have kids at home.

These days, the moving companies also prefer tracking the location of their vehicles with the help of GPS. This system is used with tracking software that pinpoints the actual location precisely. However, when you are researching about GPS software, you have to consider various factors and some of them are mentioned below:

Efficiency in managing the route

The dispatching feature is the most important feature when looking for a GPS system for fleet company. This is because the company may have one or two calls per day and the driver has to visit the customer. The bread crump feature in the software ensures that the driver takes the best and the most direct route to reach the customer. This also saves time of the driver and he can offer better customer service.

Idle Time

Most of the companies track the performance of the drivers on a regular basis such as time to drive from one destination to another. Likewise, they also track the idle time of the driver. If you are planning to get a GPS tracking software, you must check if it includes checking the idle time of the drivers. It also reduces usage of fuel and gives you the report when the driver was just listening to music in the vehicle. The companies using this feature perform better than those who do not keep track of idle time of the drivers.

User-friendly software

Like any other software, it is important that the administration and the dispatchers are able to work on the GPS software comfortably. The software must be user-friendly and easy to use. If the trial version is available, you should consider getting it for the personnel and make them work on it for some time. Based on the feedback, you can choose the most suitable one.

Software updatesThe software must have advanced updates from time to time so that you can get the maximum benefits and offer your customers the best customer support. Additionally, these updates must be free of charge. A good company alerts all its users about the updates being available

No hidden costs

It is important to know the airtime prices well in advance. This is because many companies do not ask upfront. You should ask about roaming charges, second airtime bill and all other activation charges to avoid any additional cost.

When you are planning to buy GPS fleet tracking software for your company, you must be familiar with all above mentioned features and make sure that you buy the best one.

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