They say when you go out it’s the clothes you wear that brings you the most attention, but the jewelry you wear also matters. That is why when you want to buy something new you need to make sure you pick out the perfect piece since they’re usually expensive. If you need any help looking for jewelry on your phone I’d like to introduce you to a few great apps that will give you the power to locate anything.

Bling Finder

The Bling Finder app deals with all sorts of jewelry, but it’s perfect for anyone looking to find that one perfect engagement ring for their loved one. Maybe it will be the bride-to-be who is looking to pick out her own ring and if you’re in that position you can save all your favorites to a wishlist so you can find them easily. Like most apps you’ll be able to search for things based on your specific needs and it means you’ll find something much quicker because there is a lot of jewelry to look through.

Jewelry Television

Are you one of those people who love flicking through the jewelry channels on your television to grab the latest deal when it becomes available? You can now do the same using this app except you’ll be able to do it from anywhere. You’ll also find a large database of videos talking about different kinds of jewelry in case you want to do a bit of investigating before buying anything. There are tons of other features, but one you might like is the ability to purchase things straight from inside the app.


Inside the Pandora app you’ll find some of the best jewelry in the world and everything is delivered to you in such a beautiful way because the layout and attractiveness of the app is perfect. There is a search function that will let you zone in on the pieces that will interest you and if you find anything you like it’s easy to add them to your wishlist. You can also share everything on Facebook and your friends will be able to give you feedback before you go ahead and buy anything.

Ballerina Box Jewelry Shop

If you’ve been collecting different pieces of jewelry for years there is a good chance you’ll have a huge collection built up and you’ve probably forgotten about some of them. The only way you’ll remember what you have is by looking in your jewelry box, but now you can catalog them on a cool app instead. If you’re looking for something to wear with a certain piece of clothing you can open the app to look through what you already have, plus you can share your collection with friends and family.

Jewelry Shopping App

The reason why this app stands out is because it will help you find your ideal piece of jewelry throughout a whole host of online stores. Whether you’re looking for raw diamonds or gold bracelets you’ll be able to find everything in here and you can look around to grab the best prices possible. A lot of the items you’ll come across will be shipped to your door for free and you can make it easier to search for certain items by choosing the maximum amount you’re willing to spend.

Shopping is changing

Now you don’t need to walk around dozens of shops when you’re looking for a lovely new piece of jewelry. What could be easier than finding something you love from the comfort of your own home? Test a few of these apps out if you’re looking for something right now and I bet you’ll find a great new piece to add to your collection.

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