Almost everything these days is done online. As such, storing data online and its retrieval has become such an important thing for proper functioning of our day to day activities. In this regard, it is good to note that data stored online is safer than most which is stored offline and for a good reason. Information storage service providers such as various data centers have taken various safety measures to assure data security for their clients. These data securing measures include:

  • Pre-upload file encryption: Although encrypted files can be accessed from anywhere in the world, a password has to be entered to open them. Only a client with the right password can open an encrypted file.
  • Secure socket layer (SSL) encryption for data transfer: This is a typical encryption method which is utilized as a standard to transfer data from client computers to data center servers and back. This info security measure basically is used for most if not all web communications. However, the right software has to be installed on a client’s computer and the server to form a link between the two. Chances of data loss with SSL in place are greatly reduced.
  • Server side file encryption: If pre-upload file encryption option isn’t possible on a client’s computer due to one reason or another, for example due to low connection speeds, then reliable service providers offer the option of server side encryption. In simple terms, data encryption is performed after the files have been stored on the provider’s server. Data center administrators provide the clients with passwords for files retrieval, making the data stored in their servers quite secure for all.

As aforementioned, a data center is a place where data stored online is managed. There are several servers in these establishments to make this a reality for their many clients. Each server in a data center is enclosed in a secure cage that can only be accessed by the right personnel and who have the correct user names and passwords. Some of the servers in well managed data centers can not even be accessed by the standard administrators, but only by those with special access privileges. All in all, reliable service providers ensure that data access and retrieval passwords are strictly available only to authorized people and the clients and therefore guaranteeing its security.

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