The cloud based call center solutions are becoming increasingly popular. End users from around the world and different call centers are adopting cloud based solutions. Business and IT managers are now beginning to understand the benefits derived from cloud based solutions, including no capital investment, no upgrade fees, lower start-up costs and lower integration costs.

Contact centers find it compelling to purchase, set-up, maintain and upgrade software and hardware. The following are some of the reasons why cloud based contact centers are becoming popular:

  • A recessionary boost

The recent economic downturn has had significant impact on major economies. This has driven companies to adopt the cloud-based call centers because these types of solutions are counter-cyclical. Companies that did not have enough capital to set up contact center infrastructure opted for the cloud-based solutions.

 With time, companies have generated substantial benefits from the cloud-based solutions. Today, end users have dozens of infrastructure vendors to choose from. Therefore, many companies, small and large, are choosing the nontraditional vendors. The contractual commitments attributable to the cloud-based providers are lenient while the risks are fewer.

  • Provide many opportunities

The ability to route and queue minimizes the need to depend on traditional providers. Furthermore, end users do not have to pay premium for a technology that can be derived from many vendors. The adoption of multiprotocol label-switching networks, session initiation protocol and reduced cost of the bandwidth have allowed businesses to shift to more centralized data centers that provide for recording, customer relationship management, knowledge management and quality assurance, in addition to routing and queuing.

Increasingly, business and IT leaders are choosing cloud-based partners for disaster recovery capabilities, at cost effective rates.

  • Competitive tool

Cloud based solutions have become a worldwide phenomenon. Many businesses are choosing this solution to compete effectively. The opportunity to choose from many vendors gives businesses the option to negotiate for better deals, saving on costs. To get a better deal, it is important to adhere to best practices when choosing applications.

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